Jan & Jannike

Classy Jazz, Pop, Bossa Nova & Blues

Jan & Jannike are a professional duo that creatively mixes jazz, pop and bossa nova. The duo consists of Jannike-Linn (GER-SWE) on vocals, melodica, piano, percussions and Jan Henrik (GER) on guitar, vocal harmonies, percussions.

Jan & Jannike create new ways to expand the sound possibilities of a conventional duo by the use of multiple instruments.Their music and their performances are characterized by detailed arrangements, musical sensitivity and Jannike's impressive voice which quickly captivates the attentive listener.

Both are experienced musicians who hold a degree in jazz performance from Dublin City University. Together they perform since 2012 and are sought-after to play at weddings, corporate events as well as other private or public functions.

What makes us special

☀ Musical education

Jan and Jannike both have a degree in Jazz Performance from the renowned Dublin City University in Ireland. This guarantees musical precision and reliability as well as craftsmanship at the highest level.


☀ Individuality

The duo distinguishes itself with guitar, piano, melodica, percussion and two voices through a diverse and special instrumentation. Through creative arrangements and a sensitive interplay the two musicians give each song its own distinct character. Jannike's soulful and multi-faceted voice is to be emphasized which is subtly accompanied by Jan's voice, whereby unique harmonies develop.


☀ 100% Live

Many musicians use backing tracks and/or playbacks for their performances. Jan & Jannike on the other hand use 100% live music. Nothing comes from tape but everything is real and handmade!


☀ Professionalism

Apart from the musical professionalism that Jan & Jannike bring with them, reliability and good, clear communication are top priorities. Apart from that, the outward appearance is always appropriate to the event.


☀ Well-rehearsed team

The two musicians have been playing together since 2012 and have been an unbeatable team in their professional and private lives ever since. This special connection projects from the personal to the musical level and allows each song to unfold its emotional content in an authentically natural way with no need for artificial enhancement.


☀ Equipment

Instruments, cables, sound system, sound check and setup - the musicians bring everything with them which is included in the price.

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